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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is the motorsport search database missing some details?
    TV channel contracting, programming, and scheduling is a dark art which M4F has no control over. We conduct daily research to ensure that all of the details on the Motorsport4free database are accurate and up-to-date. However we can only publish details that have been announced officially by broadcasters and respective motorsport organisations. We announce any major changes and additions to the database on our Facebook page. If you think that any of our data is incorrect, or if you have details you'd like us to add to the database, please us the contact form on the M4F homepage. Thanks!
  • Where can I find illegal streams for motorsports in the UK?
    We don’t know! Illegal streams are terrible quality, and generally contain malware, viruses, and scam/adult advertisements. You could try using a VPN to access a live-stream on a foreign language channel, but your experience will likely be ruined by commentary in a different tongue and reliability problems. It really is quicker, easier, and cheaper to find motorsport for free in the UK by using our motorsport search.
  • Where can I watch Formula 1 for free in the UK?
    Sky TV holds the live broadcast rights for Formula 1 in the UK but highlights of all Saturday sessions (either sprint races or qualifying sessions) and Sunday sessions (races) are broadcast on Channel 4 a few hours after the conclusion of each respective session. The highlight shows can also be found on the All4 streaming service soon after the highlights show has been broadcast. Check out the motorsport search for more details.
  • Where can I watch MotoGP for free in the UK?
    BT Sport currently holds the broadcast rights for MotoGP in the UK (including the equally exciting Moto3, Moto2 and Moto-E support packages). However, a highlights show is broadcast on ITV soon after each race event and is also available to stream on ITVX. In addition, there’s an agreement in place whereby ITV traditionally broadcasts 2 live races per year (Silverstone & Germany), which can also be streamed on their ITVX platform soon afterwards. More details are available using the motorsport search.
  • Where can I watch Formula E for free in the UK?
    Channel 4 is the exclusive free-to-air broadcaster for Formula E in the UK. Every Formula E race will be broadcast live on Channel 4 or on the Channel 4 Sport YouTube channel, with highlights available to stream on All4. Further details can be found on the motorsport search.
  • Where can I watch Extreme E for free in the UK?
    Due to its novel/unique format and nature as a motorsport, Extreme E racing attracted a lot of broadcaster interest for its first 2 seasons. ITV eventually emerged as the broadcaster of choice for UK free-to-air Extreme E events and has comprehensive coverage of all race events. Take a look at the motorsport search for more details on when you can enjoy Extreme E throughout the year.
  • Where can I watch British Touring Car Championship for free in the UK?
    The British Touring Car Championships (BTCC) offers some of the most exhilarating close-contact wheel-to-wheel racing in the UK. The non-stop action between these super-fast road cars is supported by a host of other packages including Formula 4 (where future F1 stars are made), Porsches, MINI’s and the crazy ‘Legends’ cars championship. The best news is that ITV holds the rights to broadcast the BTCC events live in the UK, and stream full coverage (and highlights) on ITVX. You can find details of all the BTCC events by using our motorsport search.
  • Where can I watch British Superbike Championship for free in the UK?
    Pay-TV provider Eurosport holds the long-term rights to broadcast the British Superbike Championship in the UK, however Quest TV on freeview will be showing highlights programmes after each race weekend, plus a selection of live races throughout the year. Keep checking our motorsport search for further details of live race and highlights broadcast programmes on Quest TV.
  • Where can I watch World Rally Championship for free in the UK?
    While BT Sport holds the broadcast rights for WRC in the UK, highlights from each day of every event can be found on ITV4 and the RedBullTV website a few days after the racing has finished. In the past, any UK based rally stages have also been broadcast live by the rights holders. WRC has also announced the launch of a dedicated TV channel in 2023. More details about where and when WRC can be watched for free in the UK can be found on the motorsport search.
  • Where can I watch World Superbike Championship for free in the UK?
    Although Eurosport holds the broadcast rights for WorldSBK in the UK, a free-to-view highlight show is broadcast on ITV soon after the race event has taken place (which will also then be available to stream on ITVX). Find out further details by using our motorsport search.
  • Where can I watch W Series for free in the UK?
    At M4F we are big fans of the idea of having women in motorsport at all levels globally. As fans of W-series, we were disappointed that the final 3 races of the 2022 season were curtailed due to inadequate funding and sponsorship. Our fingers are firmly crossed in the hope that more avenues to include women in motorsport will be explored and M4F will support that wherever possible. We were pleased to learn that this is being considered at the very top level of the FIA alongside the introduction of a pathway through to F1 via the F1 Academy racing series. There are no details available yet whether W-series will make a return or where/when you can watch any of the female led open-wheel racing. As soon as any further information is available, you can find broadcast details on the motorsport search.
  • Where can I watch BARC racing for free in the UK?
    The British Automobile Racing Club has been around for more than 100 years and organises more than 25 different championships across 60+ race events per year. From 2CVs to Trucks, Porsches to pick-ups, Caterhams to classics or Pragas and prototypes – The BARC calendar has something for every motorsport fan. Amazingly, every single race event is broadcast live on the BARC YouTube channel, constituting hundreds of hours of free motorsport viewing across a huge amount of racing classes. Incredible! Take a look at our motorport search for details on race event broadcasts.
  • Where can I watch GT racing for free in the UK?
    The incredibly underrated and exciting British GT Championship has been running since 1993, and sees supercar Mercedes-AMGs racing Lamborghinis, Bentleys, Ginettas, McLarens, Porsches, BMWs, Toyotas, and Audis. All of the major global GT series’ are operated by the SRO Motorsports Group, and they offer all of their race events (plus a huge array of highlights and BTS videos) on their YouTube channel for free! Legends. There's more detail on the motorsport search.
  • I want to know more about
    Motorsport4Free (M4F) was created by motorsport fans, for motorsport fans with missions: To create a central database of where/when free-to-view motorsports can be watched in the UK To drive up engagement with, and viewership of, free-to-view UK motorsport In this difficult economic climate where multiple premium priced pay-TV organisations hold the broadcast rights to many of the major motorsports, it has quickly become prohibitively expensive to access the enhanced live broadcasts of major race events. In situations where motorsport fans enjoy watching multiple formulae (like we do), it is a massively time-consuming effort to trawl the internet on a weekly basis to find out when and where you can watch highlights of multiple racing classes on multiple channels, websites and streaming services for free. M4F was conceived as a database where all of the broadcast information about free-to-view motorsports in the UK can be conveniently found in one place. We also believe that the UK has a rich and exciting variety of motorsports to offer, many of which are just as exciting (or sometimes more exciting) than the high profile motorsports such as Formula 1 or MotoGP. We'd love to see these lesser-known motorsports flourish, and so we have made it our mission to encourage UK motorsport fans to discover what else is on offer. Motorsport4free is a brand, trading name and part of GiB Enterprises ltd, an umbrella organisation which is building a virtual high-street of helpful, creative, fun and professional services.
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